Little Bay Boards.


Building your dreams. It's more than just a saying. It's my life. I stumbled on wood boards around five years ago while researching SUPs. And the choice to build rather than buy was a life changing event I had no idea I was making at the time.

One board turned in to two, two to eight and so on. I had no idea they would gain so much attention I was just enjoying the ride. Somewhere around my tenth board I decided to incorporate some ideas I'd had while building. They would turn out to be some of the best designs I'd ever studied.

Being able to create stunning works of art all while supplying an unmatched ride was what came from all my efforts. And the boards now speak for themselves. World wide shipping. Multitudes of exstreamly happy customers. News features, mags, radio and so on. Little Bay Boards is growing and staking its claim.

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