Little Bay Boards.

Break Downs

The Classics.

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These are a few of the ideas that are at the starting price. Colors and amount of lines are up to your imagination.

Advanced Inlays

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Angled inlays. These type inlays can be formatted multiple ways, just a few or a bunch. But they are done right. The grains of the base woods travel through the grids. I don't cheaply do it with a chop saw. They are really inlayed into the setting. Add some accent walnut around each inlay for a really nice look takes you to the $3,000 mark. All the way down the whole board hits $3,200.

The Pretties

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Full body designs like this one. Or the sunshine ones.

All boards are custom sized to what you need. There's way to much to write about that. Feel free to contact with any questions.

All Sizes.....

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Building custom means not only the looks.

Yes you get to choose what you want your board to look like but this little shop has the knowledge and ability to build it to the size and type you need. Years of studying displacements,volumes,shapes,sizes,weight,and rides. Supplys a upper hand on design. Flat water, surf, fresh water, salt water, stable,yoga,race,downwinders, and the custom allarounder my most popular pick.

Sizing is free with purchase.

Oh and! All boards come with a free matching paddle built from the scraps of the board build. Feather light, Shovel strong.....

The Windows

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If your a store owner and are interested in these boards. I offer special pricing for business owners! As I know your pain. However I do limit areas where they can be sold. I would want your store to be the only one in your region. Stores I do work with report the boards work two ways. They are great for selling but more importantly. When placed in the right spot They bring passerbyes in to the store, engaging in questions.

Get What You Get And You Dont Throw A Fit

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Starting this sept. In limited orders I'm going to offer a more "rustic" line of boards...much like the roots that I started from only with the perfection I've learned though the years...

 Do to some recent up grades and techniques as well as tuning in the perfect performance shape I've always been searching for. I'm thinking of starting a new line of boards. Much more affordable. This line id like to call the " You get what you get and you don't throw a fit". There will be two sizes to chose from. A 250 and a 180. Men and woman's. These boards will come at a standard size. Men's at 10"4' X 32" X 5 and the woman's at 9'10" X 30" X 4.25". Weights will all be in the less than 35 pounds range. Dependent on woods used. They will all be classic in style. And I'll be using the readily available salvaged woods from the local mills here in Northern Mi. White Cedar is a regionally harvested wood here. It does have knots but is still very very beautiful. I'll incorporate my standard clear woods as the inlays whichever way I see fit to make something I am proud to see leave my table. They will still be built the same as my custom line with all the extra features for strength and longevity. And will still be works of ridable Art. Just more affordable do to the standard sizing and knotted woods. Also there won't be a paddle unless purchased.