Little Bay Boards.

How Its Done.

This Strong, This Light, This Beautiful.

Although wood boards get their fame from how beautiful they are. Their longevity, proformance and strength is why the wood board industry is around. Building the best is more than just looks.

A while ago I personally watched a video of a board pro showing how he does his test market for strength on some samples of foam and PVC boards. He had little cut out sections of skins from various board styles.

He then would place the strips on a couple of blocks on the table infront of him. The samples were raised up and then he placed weights on them. Little weights. About a pound and a half. Showing how flimsy a lot of boards are built out there. As the video progressed he got to his boards where he explained his "sandwich" techniques to make his boards much stronger. He placed around 16 pounds on it...... I thought that was CUTE!!!

So the next day I grabbed a cut out of a wood board skin I had in the shop. Placed it on some 2X6 pieces I had laying around. But I couldn't find any little weights. So I decided I would just stand on the sample, with one foot, all 215 pounds. Then I bent over and took this photo. I included what the board looks like complete and also a shot of the board on a scale to show its still in the weight class of a proformance board at 33.6. Just imagine how strong a wood board is if the compeditors sampling was a proud showing of 16 pounds on their " really strong" skin.

I put 200 MORE pounds on my sample......