Little Bay Boards.

Holiday special!!!!
Holiday special!!!!

New Line

" Get what you get, and don't throw a fit"

Taking orders of this line normally around 4 weeks, These boards will be one of a kind, each designed how I feel looks good and if you know me, NOTHING leaves my tables without being extraordinary. Still light weight, stronger than competitors and I'll still use every "advanced" capability I've grown to learn over the years. The only difference from my custom line is that there are two standard sizes , Mans and Woman's both shaped at the ever popular All Arounder ride that's been the staple of my success. They will be built using sustainably harvested local white cedar for the " body" of the board. And inlays will be created at my choosing from the stock pile of left over clear woods from over the years that make up my custom line of boards.

" What I truly love about this idea is you're just not sure what you'll get" says Jason. Owner and creator of these world famous boards.

" The natural woods that make these beautiful rides have a way of speaking to me during the building process and with this line I'm giving them the chance to really say what they want. Grains will tell you what is going to look sweet. And inlays can go all sorts of different ways.... It's going to be up to the wood to tell me where and why it'll look the way it will at the end."

" I've wanted for so long now to be able to offer a line of boards that are every part of a top quality ride while still being true to my roots in eco-friendly and sustainablilty. All. while being able to run in the competitive cost market. It took me years to get to this and I want to share it with the world now!"

Here's your chance to own an all natural one of a kind Eco- Friendly board at a much lower cost. $1,899.00+tax Paddles are $200. 

Limited supply....... 

If you have a dream and want to ride it

Feel free to email me with any questions

Or text at 231-838-8451.

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