Little Bay Boards.

The Rides,

" Nothing leaves these tables without being the best that it can be!"

The process of building a wood board starts and ends with caring. Nothing is rushed here. Things have to be seen, thought about, appreciated, looked at, looked down, held and felt. Then and only then will I find just the right place for it.

Each board is a dream. Not my own, custom means it's your ideas translated to my hands and formed into a timelessly beautiful board.

You pick what you want it to look like and I do my best to build it that way. I also throw in the calculations so it'll be the right size and shape for what you want to do with it.

Wood boards by nature are stronger, longer lasting boards. " Life Time" isn't a pitch. It's why I build this way. Not hurting our planet is the basis of what the wood board industry is here for. There's no foams or chemicals in the build. No one from China is involved. Everything is from the states. Local resoarsed woods. With as much salveged as I can use. Low VOC resins which just happen to be the best resins one can get.

Top shelf glass is used. Never do I shop around for more cost effective products. We buy the best so you can get the best.